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Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation during which your subconscious – the controller of all automatic processes and reactions – becomes more susceptible to suggestion.  Almost without exception, after Hypnosis you will feel relaxed, peaceful, content and confident.

Like daydreaming, you are in control, at all times, in this ‘trance’ state.

I have adopted a wholly holistic approach to the use of Hypnotherapy in that elements of the other Approaches I work with may be incorporated into a session, and vice versa, with your consent.

Should you be considering using Hypnotherapy for the first time, you may be slightly apprehensive, not knowing what to expect.  The information in the FAQ link below is intended to allay any fears you may have; for what takes place during Hypnosis is quite normal and not “Magical” or unusual in any way.

I am trained in the therapeutic use of Hypnosis, including Past Life Regression Therapy and Hypnosis for Childbirth.  A FAQ. list for Hypnotherapy can be downloaded here.

At your first visit, you will be asked to complete a Health Questionnaire.  You can download it here and complete it to bring with you if preferred.

Past Life Regression Therapy

Our present is inextricably bound to the past events and experiences both in this life and in our past lives.  By recalling and exploring the significant events of our past and our past lives, we can help to stimulate increased self-knowledge; reveal the karmic causes of physical illnesses; control or eliminate pain, guilt and anxiety; dissolve the negative aspects of the past which hinder spiritual growth and contentment; discover a greater meaning and purpose in our daily life.

One common misbelief around Past Life Regression is that most people discover that they have been someone famous in a Past Life.  In reality, this is almost never the case.  Most Past Life experiences are quite mundane and even the ones containing exciting or dramatic events are usually experienced by ordinary characters.  It is not the purpose of Past Life Therapy to verify the existence of a past life or to gather historical information.  However, information will arise of its own accord during a session and the client may try to validate this if they wish.

The main aim of Past Life Therapy is locating and then resolving root causes of problems that result from unfinished business from a Past Life. Strong likes, dislikes, phobias, relationship problems, recurring negative behaviour/thought patterns, unexplained physical pain etc., can often stem from past life experiences. It focuses on thoughts, emotions, or physical feelings linked to situations where non-productive judgements and conclusions are made that are then carried over to the present life.

It is not necessary to believe in reincarnation for the therapy to be successful, because the source of the problem may be found in a past life or in the past of the present life such as in early childhood, adolescence or even our birth experience.

At your first visit, you will be asked to complete a Health Questionnaire.  You can download it here and complete it to bring with you if preferred.